Major Progress in BCRSP CSSE Collaboration

Date Posted: 
February 26, 2018
As part of continued efforts for stronger collaboration, the full Boards of the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) conducted a full day joint session in Vancouver on February 2, 2018. With a common view of safety and the profession in Canada, both Boards agreed to establish a new working partnership. BCRSP and CSSE completed the day with a shared commitment to work together to achieve the following outcomes.
  1. Create a structure to formalize and coordinate the effective collaboration of BCRSP and CSSE
  2. Position BCRSP as the certifying body and CSSE as the member services organization, providing education, professional development and resources
  3. Collaborate and coordinate efforts to support the regulation of the safety profession in Canada
  4. Identify and streamline areas of overlap between BCRSP and CSSE.
This is not a merger. The resulting changes will sustain two autonomous organizations, which operate with greater role clarity under a unified, formal and comprehensive approach. This codified system of collaboration will ensure a more positive and effective impact on public safety and allow for a single, influential voice speaking on behalf of all stakeholders involved in the practice of improving workplace safety in Canada. This effort will eventually create a new distinct organization to oversee the accreditation of educational institutions offering OHS certificate, diploma, and degree programs. 
Over the coming weeks, both BCRSP and CSSE will dedicate substantial time and resources to carefully develop our strategic plan for this new partnership, including identifying and creating opportunities to engage members of both organizations in our ongoing collaborative efforts. We will keep you posted as our plans progress and more details become available. We are deeply committed to improving public safety and to advocate for all safety practitioners in Canada; we believe a partnership between the BCRSP and CSSE organizations is a major step forward for both.
Paul Andre, CRSP
Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
Kathy Tull, CRSP, CHSC
Canadian Society of Safety Engineering


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